Borderlands of Adventure

The Kobold Warren

Anon, Bane, Everfree, Gutts and Xazel came upon a small group of bandits while they were investigating a cave system. A battle ensued and the bandits were easily defeated by the fighting prowess of Bane, Everfree and Gutts and the magical might of Xazel. Upon further exploration the party discovered a passageway descending deeper underground which upon further investigation was a kobold warren.

While exploring the cave systems the party were assaulted repeatedly by kobolds and their nefarious traps. Wounded and short on supplies our heroes decided to leave the cave systems before being overrun.

The party made their way back to the road, undecided to either resupply in town or set up camp. It was here that they discovered a trail that led to the hills beyond. Following the trail the party found a large set of ancient doors set into the hill. The party entered into a large entrance hall, long deserted, with a flight of steps, leading ever deeper into the underground compound. The party followed the man made cavern encountering long dead corpses of goblins and orcs. In a grand hallway while searching for clues, Bane and Everfree were attacked by a ghoul. The heroes dispatched this foul creature with only suffering minor wounds thanks to the healing powers of Anon.

Bane scouted ahead, entering a room where a exceptionally large Ogre slept. Bane attempted to withdrawal to advise the party of his findings when he sprung an alarm, waking the Ogre …



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